Change your brain waves.
Surf on the highest
waves of consciousness.

108 Foundation offers personalized neurofeedback trainings Holographic Mind® which lead to an intense transformation of the neurochemistry of the brain and its functioning.


Neurofeedback is a body-mind therapy that utilises electric signals to attain control over the psycho-physiological processes.


Neurofeedback can be referred to as meditation enhanced by a computer. It is a process of learning how to manage one’s brain waves using EEG feedback.


The week-long training using the EEG in the QEEG version (quality neurofeedback) is currently the most effective tool to train one’s brain so as it becomes flexible, efficient, and resistant.
It has been scientifically proven numerous times that brain training results in the reduction or disappearance of burdensome symptoms.


Under typical circumstances of life, the brain itself is a tool that provides neurofeedback regarding the functioning of different organs and systems within the body. Thanks to the nanosecond feedback, the brain finally starts learning about itself, detecting its problem areas, ceasing inefficient neuronal connections, and adapting to new ways of cognition, sensing, and acting. In ordinary life, one does not receive any feedback even once per day. During the training, one receives it several times per second.


As an effect of the new, intense cerebral activity, linear thinking and perceiving may be replaced by holographic thinking and perceiving. That signifies that the brain no longer needs to laboriously link words, thoughts, and motives but instead it somehow serves on a platter complex, multi-faceted and coherent information that can be then transformed into sentences of the linear language. However, this is not necessary to pass to another hologram. Potentially, in the advanced QEEG training, it is even possible to transfer holograms between two brains.

Your benefits:

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higher IQ

● Efficiency whilst working, studying, doing sport

● Better concentration

● Augmented motivation 


higher EQ
(emotional inteligence)

● Better relations with yourself and other people

● Reduction of aggression

● Healing the depression

● Therapy of addictions

● Reduction of phobias and anxiety


higher creativity

● Higher efficiency

● Better concentration

● Improved innovation

● Discovery of known and hidden talents

● Better time management


higher quality of sleep

● Improvement in quality of sleep

● Better regeneration

● Accelerated cellular renewal

● More energy during daytime


higher self-esteem

● Better relations with yourself and other people

● Courage in action

● Increase of assertiveness

● Increased distance to daily problems and challenges


coherence of
brain and heart

● Bigger satisfaction with life

● Augmented acceptance of reality

● Ability to forgive

● Increased compassion


better health

● Anti-aging

● Augmented immunity

● Reduced chronic pain

● Reduction of symptoms of strokes

● Helps with autism and ADHD

Synergy of amelioration
of all parameters

● going beyond the critic in the head

● increased self-steering

● abandoning the identity of the victim

● discovering creative potentials

I believe that my life gained momentum after the brain waves training ... I had done a lot before, but the last 2 years, since I completed the training, have been about creating what I really felt, which means greater coherence with myself and probably greater desire to be concrete. In the past, it seemed to me that everything is so magical and yes, it is - but our reality can also be understood to some extent and consciously created.
Sylwia Kocoń photo
Sylwia Kocoń
personal development coach
The combination of Neurofeedback, the darkroom, and a specific diet I have experienced during the 7 days at the Biocybernaut Institute was one of the strongest experiences in my life. many feelings and emotions are taken to the heart. Neurofeedback has evoked transformation in many fields, especially in relations with loved ones, creativity, and accepting life as it is. It inspired me to build a Faraday Cage at home and to continue the experience when I need it most. I highly recommend this method under the care and professional guidance of Dr. Izabela Kopaniszyn.
Dominika Rybicka photo
Tom Soltron Czartoryski
musician, composer
Neurofeedback is a highly transformative, almost space-like experience. For me, it worked best in the area of creativity, working with repressed emotions and coherence of the heart and mind. I underwent alpha and theta training at the Biocybernaut Institute, and I recommend this method with all my heart ... And to Izabela, thank you very much for encouraging me to take upon this adventure.
Dominika Rybicka photo
Dominika Rybicka
personal development coach
Thanks to neurofeedback, you learn how to move from one type of thought / emotion to another. You realize that your brain is like a vehicle you can drive, and you have the power to go to another state of mind. When you steer your brain instead of being steered by it, it is a perceptual and existential breakthrough. Neurofeedback has given me an amazing sense of freedom from being trapped in the ego. Even after just one session, I am still able to recognize which waves my brain is using and I can distance myself from thoughts that I don't like. I look forward to the whole training session, I can't even imagine where it will lead me.
Dominika Rybicka photo
Anna Negri
movie director

Warianty treningu:


7 days of training

40 hours in the chamber

25 hours of coaching

2 coaches

6,000 €


7 days of training

40 hours in the chamber

25 hours of coaching

4 coaches

24 hours of retreat

20 hours of individual work with body and mind

6,600 €


If you are:

during personal therapy

at the age of 15–25

interested in psychology, cognitive science, and biohacking

in a difficult financial situation